About APSc

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Established initially in 2002 as the Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience and Technology (IAM), APSc is a multidisciplinary research  and education department, coordinating efforts across the internationally recognized strengths of UNC-Chapel Hill in polymer science, nanomaterials, and nanobiosciences – areas critical to our society and future economy.

Our goal is to foster an interdisciplinary research community where new knowledge and exciting new disciplines emerge through crossing the boundaries between traditional sciences. Current focus areas in APSc are materials science, nanotechnology and computational approaches to interdisciplinary sciences. We are applying these skills in many areas, but most frequently to the life and medical sciences interface; to critical problems in clean, renewable energy production and storage; to advanced analytical methods such as state of the art surface measurements, nanofluidics, and femtosecond spectroscopy; and to answering through advanced computational means some of the unresolved theoretical problems of our times. We are an active partner with the UNC Institute for the Environment in understanding environmental issues such as global warming and environmental impacts on human health, and in developing the science, public policy, and social models needed to achieve the dramatic changes that lie ahead for our country and world. We are a partner with the Kenan-Flagler School of Business in developing the new ideas, in both technology and other areas, which are created at UNC into business models, entrepreneurial companies, and successful products available to customers to meet their needs. All of these activities are framed and informed by the overriding goal of educating and training young people to become well-rounded, free-standing, broadly educated scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and contributing citizens.