Invest in Applied Physical Sciences at Carolina

The Department of Applied Physical Sciences is working hard to answer the great questions of our time: how can we produce energy with less environmental impact? How can we improve drug delivery and detection of the diseases that still threaten humanity? How can we get cleaner water to more people and sustain our precious resources? We are working with modern advanced materials, nanotechnology, microfluidics and other applied techniques to create new devices and systems that will make the world a better place and contribute to the North Carolina economy.

State funds pay only a part of the cost to recruit and retain the best faculty and graduate students and provide them with the research tools and laboratories needed to answer these crucial questions and to provide the best interdisciplinary training for the next generation of applied scientists. Private support will also enable the department to rapidly expand its undergraduate offerings and attract students from around the world.

Donations from individuals sustain and enhance these extraordinary students and faculty, accelerating the application of their groundbreaking solutions to our daily lives and further supporting Carolina's drive to be a world-class leading institution for the creation, teaching, and application of knowledge.

We welcome your gifts to Applied Physical Sciences, either to our unrestricted fund that provides the Chair the flexibility to apply funding where it is needed most or to support our existing fund-raising priorities.

For more information on gift types and designations, please contact Halie Sue Clifton, Associate Director of Development for The Arts & Sciences Foundation of UNC-Chapel Hill, 919-843-4454.

Please Contact Us!

For questions about stock or estate gifts, specific programs, and suggestions on how you can support the Department of Applied Physical Sciences, please contact:

Halie Sue Clifton
Halie Sue Clifton
Associate Director of Development
The Arts & Sciences Foundation
UNC-Chapel Hill
523 E. Franklin Street, CB #6115
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-6115