Departments are frequently thought of as embodying an approach to science, which they in turn direct toward a set of applications that may be in common with many departments across a campus. This wide embrace of applications within each department is one of the hallmarks of contemporary science, and has fueled a renaissance of innovation within universities. It is remarkable to note that at Carolina, the Departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering all apply their approaches to both energy generation and to health care issues.

Similarly, the faculty of Applied Physical Sciences are a group that applies principally materials-based approaches to a range of applications that are critical to society. The assignments into approaches and applications indicated in the next column are very loose and are, in particular, strongly overlapping. More complete details are available through individual faculty web pages.


Soft Matter: DeSimone, Rubinstein, Samulski, Sheiko, You
Nanomaterials: Lopez, Ramsey, Washburn, Warren, Wu, Zhou
Biomaterials: Allbritton, Superfine
Modeling and Computation: Forest, Mucha, Taylor


Energy Sciences: DeSimone, Lopez, McNeil, Meyer, Samulski, Taylor, Warren, You
Water Resources: Ramsey, Warren
Nanomedicine: Allbritton, DeSimone, Forest, Rubinstein, Superfine, Zhou


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